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    GownLink Bridal Gloves with Bow, and Lustrous Pearl Beads G112

    GownLink Bridal Gloves with Bow, and Lustrous Pearl Beads G112

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    Lace Satin Tulle

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    Size Instructions

    We have a size guidelines video with product images,

    We need following  

     1  Bust (in Inches )

    2 Waist round on 17 inches from shoulder (in Inches )

    3 Total Length from shoulder to floor with heel (in Inches )

    4 Sleeves length & round on the end of sleeves(in Inches)

    5 Arm round on 5 inches from shoulder (in Inches )

    Care Instructions

    Elegantly adorned and exquisitely detailed, Enchanted Whispers G112 gloves are a beautiful addition to any bridal attire. Delicate pearl beads and an embellished bow add a touch of whimsy to create an unforgettable look.

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    Enchanted Whispers: GownLink's Whimsical Charm Bridal Gloves with Embellished Bow, and Lustrous Pearl Beads G112

    About Product -: G112

    Main material: Net pearl sequence stone
    Colour: as pictures shown
    Glove size: approx. 9 inches
    Parcel box size - 8 inches/ 6 inches / 2 inches
    Package includes:
    1 Bridal Glove

    Utility gift ideas:
    At [Your Bridal Glove GownLink], we believe every bride deserves to feel like a queen on her special day. Our passion for creating exquisite bridal Gloves and accessories has driven us to become a trusted name in the White world of bridal fashion.

    GownLink Advantage - we can show 2-3 items on video call 9936324169
    Warm notes:
    When it comes to white bridal gloves, it's essential to highlight their elegance, timeless appeal, and the way they enhance a bride's overall wedding attire. Here's a suggested "about" statement for white bridal gloves:
    "White bridal gloves epitomize the essence of classic beauty and sophistication on your special day. These pristine accessories add a touch of grace and charm to your bridal ensemble, evoking a sense of tradition and purity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail,

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